I Found Her On One Frigid Morn

Happy Monday Friends!

January tends to be a month of contemplation, meditation, and hibernation for me. The latter making the other two possible.

When not working this means reading, writing, and thinking while gazing out a window in silence... glorious priceless silence... something that can be hard to find in this fast-paced, social media, techno-crazy world.

This poem is based on a recent morning in my life, and I decided to share it here on Think Pink Monday.

Recently Thrifted Finds

Happy Friday Friends!

Have you been doing any thrifting lately? The stores around here seem a little less busy in January, which means more great things for me to find.

Like this Churchill Willow Blue Asian couple salt & pepper set.

Think Pink Monday: Danni from Silo Hill Farm

Happy Monday friends!

If you've been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour, so I've invited a few bloggy friends to do some pink guest posts. Let's just call them the Pink Ladies.

Pink is the word... is the word... that you heard.

It's got groove... it's got meaning.

This week please welcome back one of the original Pink Ladies... Danni from Silo Hill Farm.


When Tuula asks you to do a guest post for a Monday, it's gotta be pink.  Pink is still not something that goes with my decor but lucky for me it's getting close to Valentine's Day and that is when pinks and reds sneak into my house.

Reversible Heart Baking Pan Wreath

Hey Friends! 

It's Think Pink Monday, and I'm so excited to show you my vintage repurposed heart baking pan wreath. It's reversible... with two completely different looks.

Heart Baking Pan Wreath

Pink Thrifted Finds

When I'm in the thrift stores I'm always on the look out for pink treasures that catch my fancy.

I've been lucky to find a few recently so I thought I'd share them on this first Think Pink Monday of 2015.

Thrifty Rebel at www.thriftyrebel.com

Here are just a few that I found before Christmas.