How to Make a Teacup Bird Feeder

Happy Monday friends. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It's been very hot here, so we've been laying pretty low... but I did make this teacup bird feeder.

Want to feed your feathered friends in style?

It's so easy to make a teacup bird feeder for your garden from a thrifted teacup and saucer.

It can also be used as a tealight holder if preferred.

I found this set a while back at a garage sale for $1.

Finds of the Week #20

Even though we didn't go garage saling last weekend I did find some pretty sweet things at the thrift stores this past week.

Like this set of vintage brass candlesticks with finger holders. I think they might be antique actually. I'll have to do some more research on these.

Antique Brass Candlesticks
The knobs on the side slide up and down to allow you to adjust the height of the inside candle holder.

The candle is inserted and as it burns down it can be raised by loosening the knob, moving the knob up, and then tightening it... until the candle holder reaches just below the top of the candlesticks.

Very cool!

Repurposed Vintage Cocktail Forks

Happy Think Pink Monday everyone.

I don't know about you but I usually clean the house because I have to, not because I'm in the mood to.  So when I got hit by the cleaning bug on the weekend I just went with it... because between you and me it doesn't happen often.

I was like the energizer cleaning bunny. I just kept going and going and going. lol. It was way too hot to do anything outside anyway, or to do any new projects. 

So here's a past garden art project... my vintage cocktail fork flowers.

There's a pink one so it qualifies for this post. lol.

If you've been following me for awhile you might remember these.

Finds of the Week #19

So last Saturday John and I went in the opposite direction that we usually go for our breakfast and garage saling just for a change and to keep life interesting... and I found some cool stuff.

Vintage Copper GobletsLike this wonderful old saw and a set of 8 copper goblets.

I have brass and silver goblets that I showed you in this shelf makeover, but this is the first time I've seen copper ones.

So I had to get them.

Finds of the Week #18

This week I found a real mixed bag of things.

A salt and pepper set of vintage dancing pirate birds.

At least that's what they look like to me. Whatever they're doing they look like they're having fun.

They still have their cork stoppers and are stamped Japan on their feet.