Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes! You just can't beat 'em... on the deck, on the porch... anywhere really.. hanging from a simple nail or a fancy dancy hook.

I apologize in advance for all the puns in this post, but my hubby keeps telling me that I need to come out of my shell.


How to Make Vintage Cocktail Fork Flowers

Hey everyone! 

We've recently been enjoying the melting of much of the snow here, but we don't have any flowers showing themselves in the gardens yet... so I decided that I would make some myself.


Where I Wake

Where I Wake


In this queen size bed
with its warm and faded sheets.

In this bedroom...
with its old plaster walls,
its nine foot ceiling,
and its thrift store furniture…
repainted and re-loved.

In this house...
with its hundred year old brick,
its creaky wooden floors,
and its soul that beats
with all the hearts that came before us.

Losing My.... What?


I think I may be losing it... in more ways than one.

Last Sunday I lost my prescription reading glasses... in the house!!! lol!!

I have no idea where I left them and I've looked everywhere.... inside, under, behind, and on top of everything I can possibly think of. 

John tried to help me find them, but they have disappeared, vanished, poofed into thin air just like that... like they never existed. 

Either I found the best hiding place in this house ever known to... ummm... not me obviously... or the feline mischief seekers we live with are messing with me... 



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