How to Make a Purse Planter

Happy Monday friends!

How to Make a Purse Planter /
We had some beautiful weather here on the weekend and John and I found ourselves magnetically drawn into a couple of garden centres.

We were anxious to get some flowers on the back deck, and I started with a purse planter.

We just had a frost a couple of nights ago, but hopefully that's the last one for the season.

Letter Holder Makeover

Happy Friday Friends!

decoupaged letter holder makeover / www.thriftyrebel.somI was just starting to enjoy doing some projects outside again, but it was back inside for this letter holder makeover. 

Finds of the Week #12

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Vintage tools and pans www.thriftyrebel.comAs I mentioned in my plate rack makeover post I found a lot of fun things at the garage sales this past weekend.

Plate Rack Makeover

Happy Monday Friends, and Happy Victoria Day to my Canadian friends!

Plate Rack Makeover / www,
We've had the most lovely long weekend here.

The weather has been beautiful and to make it even better Saturday was the traditional kick off for garage sale season... just like it is every year.

There were tons of them and John and I hit as many as we could, while sparing a few minutes to stop for breakfast in between towns.

Finds of the Week #11

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Finds of the Week, which is usually on Saturdays, will be posted on Wednesdays from now on. It just works better for my schedule.

This week I found some really cool things.

DIY Bifold Door and Dresser Bookcases

Happy Monday Friends!

DIY Bifold door and dresser bookcasesYes... it's me... back from my unplugged stay-cation, and finally ready to share my DIY repurposed bifold door bookcase project.

There's No Time Like the Present

Happy Saturday Friends!

Spring has finally arrived here, and I wrote this poem to remind myself to seize the day.

This day... today. Not tomorrow... or next week... or next month... or next year. 

But today. This very day, and each and every day that follows.

One glorious day at a time.